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Do not waste your dental insurance

Dental insurance policies help people get the dental care they need, but the benefits that plans provide must be used before they expire! If your dental plan cycles on the calendar year, as most do, then you miss out on any benefits you didn’t use before December 31st.

Plans' benefits often reset at the end of the calendar year, so it’s a good time to make sure you've used all your benefits before the year is over. That means now is the ideal time to maximize your 2018 dental insurance benefits. If you aren’t sure how to begin, here are great ways to get started, there’re some ways you can use your benefits:

  • The typical dental insurance plan at least partially covers a wide range of services and treatments. By visiting professional dentist at ALERIS SALEM DENTAL CENTER, you can find out if there are any options that can help ensure your oral health is in tip-top shape, all before your benefits renew in the new year. If you need a particular treatment, such as a filling, crown, implant or bridge, this is the perfect procedure to use your benefits for. Depending on what dental benefits you have left, you might be able to get a majority of the procedure paid for, or at least only have to pay a small portion of the costs.

Often, a professional dentist is highly aware of what insurance will cover and to what degree, so professional team at ALERIS SALEM DENTAL CENTER can help you maximize your benefits while ensuring you have a healthy and vibrant smile.

  • If you don't need any specific work done, putting any remaining dental benefits you have toward preventive care is often a good idea. Many dental insurance companies cover a variety of preventative services, including cleanings, x-rays, and even fluoride treatments. At times, these services are 100% covered, making these treatments or appointments completely free. Many plans cover these and other preventative procedures. Preventive care can also help reveal dental issues. Taking care of these before they become worse both minimizes any problems they cause and keeps the cost of treatment minimal.

If you haven’t seen a professional dentist in the past five or six months, you may be missing out on preventative services (that won’t cost you a dime) that can help keep your mouth healthy. You’ll need to use these benefits by the end of the year if you want to get the most out of your insurance.

  • Schedule an appointment before the year’s end. If you’ve met your deductible for the year but haven’t reached your annual maximum, your out-of-pocket expenses are significantly reduced. And, if you are going to hit your yearly maximum, professional team at ALERIS SALEM DENTAL CENTER can create a custom plan that splits your costs between this year and the next, ensuring you take full advantage of this year’s benefits and then using your renewed benefits in the new year to help cover the rest.

If you haven't used up all of your dental insurance benefits, schedule an appointment with one of our dentists at ALERIS SALEM DENTAL CENTER today. Our staff will make sure to get you in as soon as possible so we can provide you with the care you need and help you maximize your dental benefits.

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