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Water Quality Importance For Oral Health

Water is one of the most basic needs of humans. Without it, not only will we become dehydrated, but we will also be unable to perform many of our regular activities such as bathing and oral hygiene, cooking, and washing. However, despite the accessibility to water, different regions have different water supplies, and not all of these have potable and fluoridated water.

Water quality has been seen to directly affect oral health based on various studies.

Eating habits not only affect your physical well-being but also your oral health. Your eating habits determine how your teeth look and when you need to consult a dentist, the professional team of dentists at ALERIS SALEM DENTAL CENTER in Salem, MA can help you, just book your consultation.

Drinking clean water is the healthiest way to keep your teeth healthy and maintain your oral health. This is the reason why experienced dentists advise you to avoid caffeine and soda. However, many of us are unaware of the fact that the type of water you drink also affects your dental health. Water contains fluoride which plays an important role in keeping your teeth healthy.

Fluoride can be added to water as a public health measure to prevent tooth decay. Water fluoridation can benefit everyone, but gives the greatest benefits to children and those most at risk of tooth decay.

Fluoride in drinking-water helps to reduce tooth decay, by strengthening and rebuilding tooth enamel. It can also slow down and repair early signs of tooth decay.

Water fluoridation in low fluoride-containing water supplies helps to maintain optimal dental tissue development and dental enamel resistance against caries attack during the entire life span. Fluoride in drinking water acts mainly through its retention in dental plaque and saliva. Frequent consumption of drinking water and products made with fluoridated water maintain intra-oral fluoride levels. People of all ages, including the elderly, benefit from community water fluoridation. For example, the prevalence of caries on root surfaces of teeth is inversely related to fluoride levels in the drinking water: in other words, within the non-toxic range for fluoride, the higher the level of fluoride in water, the lower the level of dental decay. This finding is important because with increasing tooth retention and an aging population, the prevalence of dental root caries would be expected to be higher in the absence of fluoridation.

If you do not have a source of fluoridated water in your area, our experienced dentists at ALERIS SALEM DENTAL CENTER can compensate through the direct application of fluoride on your teeth. Using topical fluoride every six months can give your teeth the necessary protection it needs against plaque and bacteria.

A regular individual who has access to clean, fluoridated water needs a dental checkup every six months. If you would like us to assess your oral health, you can always book a consultation with our experienced dentists at ALERIS SALEM DENTAL CENTER in Salem, MA.

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