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Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Tips

Why should a wisdom tooth be removed?

Aleris Salem Dental Center can answer this question. Wisdom teeth are removed for orthodontic treatment or the prevention of healthy teeth. Wisdom teeth grow later than other teeth and often cause several problems: pain, swelling, bite changes, crowded teeth, bad breath, damage to adjacent teeth, infections. If there is not enough space for wisdom teeth, they grow abnormally, resting on other teeth, destroying them, and causing a severe toothache. In such cases, the removal of wisdom teeth is necessary to avoid complications. Removing a wisdom tooth in most cases is a rather complicated procedure. That is because the wisdom tooth has an incorrect position in the mouth and an atypical number of roots, the dentist-surgeon must make an effort to remove it.

Surgery to remove the tooth of wisdom

The procedure usually does not last long, about 10-20 minutes. There are times when the dentist has to saw a tooth into several parts to remove all crooked roots that do not allow it to be pulled out completely.

In the worst case, the dentist will have to cut your gums. Such difficulties will lead not only to an increase in the operation time but also significantly extend the rehabilitation period. The patient will have to wait for the healing of the wound formed after the removal of the wisdom tooth and also for the restoration of all tissues damaged during the operation.

Removing a wisdom tooth could be either simple or challenging. It would depend on the location of the tooth. If you need to remove a tooth from the upper rows, this process may be easier than removing a tooth from the lower rows.

Salem dentists are always ready to help their patients, not only at the appointment but also to give recommendations during the rehabilitation period so that the recovery is quick and painless.

Recommendations after surgery.

After removing a wisdom tooth, a patient must strictly follow the instructions of a dentist in the postoperative period. It is necessary to carry out preventive and treatment procedures regularly throughout the day, which help at relieving inflammation and disinfecting in the oral cavity. You should also pay particular attention to the condition of the seams (if there are any) to avoid mechanical damage that could disrupt their integrity. Maintaining oral hygiene in the postoperative period is the most important factor affecting the dynamics of the course of recovery processes in a wound that formed after tooth extraction.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Tips

Be sure to heed the following guidelines:

  • Exclude mouth rinsing and brushing your teeth on the first day after surgery.

  • Do not disturb the wound: do not touch your tongue or sharp objects to the wound

  • Do not eat in the first two hours after surgery.

  • The next three days after tooth extraction, chew food on the opposite side of the wound.

  • Avoid sudden temperature changes: refrain from visiting saunas, baths, taking a hot bath.

  • Exclude the intake of alcoholic beverages, solid and hot foods.

  • Use antiseptic solutions for rinsing.

The positive recovery result after wisdom tooth removal depends on compliance with medical advice. If the patient is not careful about his health, serious complications can appear. That is why it is so important to book appointments with a dental surgeon.

Please do not hesitate to call our dental office in Salem, MA at (855)-745-0055 to request your dental appointment!


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