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Do Your Kids Need Custom Fitted Mouthguards? Yes, They Do! Here is Why

“A properly fitted mouth guard is the best available protective device for reducing the incidence and severity of sports-related dental injuries.”

  • The American Dental Association (ADA)

The American Dental Association (ADA) has actively encouraged people to use mouth guards in sports for more than 20 years. Dental injuries are common in contact sports and recreational activities where collisions are possible. According to the ADA, approximately 12-20% of all sport related injuries are maxillofacial (injury of the face, jaw, teeth and gum).

Participation in sports has been increasing over the years. Several sources estimate that 20-25 million kids participate in sports annually. Competition among players and teams has contributed to an increase in the number of sport related injuries that impact your face and smile.

Mouthguards Aleris Dental Salem MA

The most common reported sport related traumatic dental injuries are listed below:

  • Avulsion (Tooth knocked out)

  • Tooth fracture

  • Tooth displacement (Tooth pushed back or forward)

  • Injury to TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint)

  • Protects dental brackets and wires

  • Injury to soft tissues

  • Helps prevent head concussions

  • Protects your teeth, lips, cheeks, jaw, and supporting gum tissue from direct and indirect impact

It can be easily avoided by choosing to wear an Athletic Mouth Guard while participating in a favorite sport.

Mouth guards are plastic dental appliances that kids should bite into and be worn over the teeth. The mouth guard preserves the teeth, cheeks, gums, and lips from injury. This soft, resilient plastic can distribute forces of impact and protect from injury to the soft and hard tissues.

Options for mouth guards include stock mouthguards, which are not expensive but usually are poorly fitting. Stock mouthguards can be uncomfortable as the sizing is generic. There is another option — “boil and bite” mouth guard. They are available at sporting goods stores. This mouthguard is a bit more expensive and can be molded. You should boiled it first, let it to cool a bit, and then put in your child’s mouth where they bite down to create a shape. Imagine which effort it will take for a kid to do it by himself.

And last but not least: Custom fitted mouthguards. They are THE BEST option. That is what professional athletes use. A custom athletic mouthguard constructed by one of Aleris Salem dentist, provides superior protection for face, jaw, teeth and gums. The dentist in Salem fabricates the custom athletic mouthguard using an FDA approved material that helps prevent a concussion. While custom mouthguards cost a bit more than store bought, they are substantially less than the average cost to resolve a facial traumatic sport injury.

Here is why you should consider custom athletic mouthguard performed by a professional dentist:

  • Highest protection for teeth, tissues, and jaw

  • Properly fitted

  • Does not prevent breathing while on the field of play

  • Last longer than store purchased mouthguards

Massachusetts is a big fan of sports. A lot of kids from Springfield to Salem are participate in different sport games or recreational league. If your child is one of them, contact us today! Aleris Salem Dental Center offers custom-fitted mouth guards that provide a personalized fit that makes it easy to talk, protects teeth and make your kid breathing without a problem. Let your child focus on winning the game!

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