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Emergency Dentist: When Dental Emergencies Strike

Dental emergencies can happen suddenly, causing pain, discomfort, and stress. It's essential to know how to respond when a dental emergency strikes. Dental emergencies often occur when you least expect them, which can be painful and frightening. Knowing how to handle them is crucial. We offer same-day appointments and are fully prepared and equipped to provide the emergency dental services you require. Let our team give you some tips for common dental emergencies!

Here are what to do in each situation:

  • Toothache: Rinse your mouth with warm water to clean it. Use dental floss to remove any trapped debris between the teeth. If swelling, apply a cold compress to the outside of the cheek. Do not place aspirin or other pain relievers directly on the gum or tooth, as it can damage the tissues.

  • Knocked-Out Tooth: Hold the tooth by the crown (the top part) and rinse it gently with water if it's dirty, without touching the root. Try to reinsert the tooth into the socket. If this is impossible, keep the tooth moist by placing it in a milk container or between your cheek and gum. Seek immediate dental care, as the chances of saving the tooth are highest within the first hour of the injury.

  • Chipped or Broken Tooth: Save any broken pieces of the tooth. Rinse your mouth with warm water. Apply gauze if there's bleeding. Use a cold compress on the outside of the cheek to reduce swelling. Seek dental care as soon as possible.

  • Partially Dislodged Tooth (Extruded Tooth): Gently try to push the tooth back into its normal position. Bite down on a piece of gauze to keep it in place. Seek immediate dental care to stabilize the tooth.

  • Lost Dental Filling or Crown: If you lose a dental filling or crown, try to keep it if possible. Apply a small amount of dental cement or denture adhesive to reattach the crown temporarily. Schedule an appointment with your dentist for a permanent solution.

  • Abscess or Gum Infection: Rinse your mouth with warm saltwater to alleviate discomfort and cleanse the area. Avoid hot or cold foods and beverages. Seek immediate dental care, as an abscess or gum infection can be severe and may require antibiotics.

  • Object Caught Between Teeth: Try gently removing the object with dental floss, careful not to damage the gums or teeth. Do not use sharp objects like pins or toothpicks, as they can cause injury. If you can't remove the object, seek dental assistance.

  • Orthodontic Wire or Bracket Problems: If a wire or bracket from braces is causing discomfort or poking, try to gently reposition it using a pencil eraser or the back of a spoon. Cover any protruding wire with dental wax. Contact your orthodontist for an appointment to address the issue.

Emergency Dentistry: What You Need To Know

In any dental emergency, seeking prompt, professional dental care is essential. Each dental emergency is unique and may require tailored care. Contact your dentist as soon as possible or, if the emergency occurs outside regular office hours, visit an emergency dental clinic or go to the nearest hospital emergency room. Dental emergencies can vary in severity, so it's essential to have a professional evaluation and treatment to ensure the best possible outcome for your oral health.

When it comes to a dental emergency, there’s no right time, but we’re here for you whenever you need us. If you’re in pain or have lost a tooth, injury, or other dental concern, contact us immediately, and we’ll schedule an appointment as soon as possible! We will work to fit you into our schedule the very same day so you can get relief from pain and receive any necessary treatment.

For more information, please call Aleris Salem Dental Center at (855) 745-0055 or contact us online.

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