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Victoria Ramos – D.M.D.  at Aleris Salem Dental Center
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Coronavirus and Dental Emergency Treatment

It is likely that the coronavirus will have an effect on your dental care.

Routine dental check-ups may be cancelled, and ongoing treatment plans may be disrupted. But our dental office in Salem, MA cares about you. We continue to see patients on an emergency and case-by-case basis.

What Is a Dental Emergency Treatment? You can still get care for a serious dental problem. The ADA considers anything life-threatening something that needs to be treated right away. Ultimately, your dentist in Salem, MA decides what’s urgent.

In most cases, you can still get dental care for:

  • Serious pain

  • Bleeding that won’t stop

  • Tissue that needs a biopsy

  • Swollen areas in or around your mouth (gums, face, or neck)

  • Broken teeth, especially if they cause pain or tissue damage

  • Signs of infection (pain and swelling)

  • Post-surgery care you can’t do yourself

  • A temporary crown that’s lost or broken

  • Dental work related to cancer treatment

  • Dentures that don’t work the right way

  • Wires in your braces that hurt

  • Trauma that may affect your ability to breathe

You should contact our office, Aleris Salem Dental Center in Salem, MA. We can answer any questions about what’s covered. We are always here to help!

Stay Safe and Healthy!

Aleris Salem Dental Center

(855) 745-0055

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