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Dental Tips for Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day! Our Aleris Salem Dental team sends you happy greetings on this special Dad’s Day celebration. We dedicate this blog to Dads in Massachusetts and all over the USA!

Three Dental Tips for Father’s Day

Dental Tip #1:

Go to your child’s dental appointment. We are always delighted to welcome fathers who bring their children to their dental appointments. Children value the support and input you can bring to oral health habits.

Dental Tip #2:

You can be the inspiration behind your child’s lifetime of oral health. For example, fathers can brush and floss with their children in their early years to reinforce good techniques. Children learn best by example. They could be brushing incorrectly or for too short a time.

Dental Tip #3:

Last, but not least: don’t forget to brush before bed, even if it’s a long day. Did you know that men are less likely than women to take care of their oral health? According to, “Men are less likely than women to take care of their physical health and, according to surveys and studies, their oral health is equally ignored.”

Also, take it easy during the touch football game; while we would gladly welcome you in, we stand for healthy and strong teeth!=)

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