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Fourth of July Dental Tips

Happy Independence Day from Salem, MA dentist Dr. Elena Siniaver and the staff at Aleris Salem Dental Center! To help keep your celebrations as joyful as possible, we have put together a few dental tips to keep in mind this holiday weekend!

Eat Healthy Foods While can be tempting to indulge in chips and other salty snacks, it’s important to choose options that are not only healthy but taste good as well. Make sure to load up on fruits and veggies and eat calcium-rich foods like yogurt and cheese to help maintain good oral health while keeping unwanted calories at bay.

Drink Water 4th of July celebrations mean plenty of time outdoors. To help beat the heat, make sure to drink plenty of water instead of sodas and sports drinks to keep you hydrated. Drinking water also helps to rinse away leftover food particles that stick to teeth while preventing acid buildup and the growth of bacteria in the process.

Chew Sugarless Gum Like any other holiday, daylong snacking is a common theme during Independence Day celebrations. To help keep your teeth healthy and clean, make sure to chew some sugarless gum to help remove leftover food particles and stimulate saliva production.

Don’t Use Your Teeth As Tools This may sound like common sense but it happens more than you think. When people lack the proper tools, they often resort to using their teeth to open packages or even drinks. Unless it involves chewing food, you should never, EVER use your teeth as tools.

After The Celebration Once the 4th of July celebrations have passed, make sure to visit your downtown Salem dentist at Aleris Dental Salem. We can help make sure your smile is as healthy as possible with a post-holiday appointment. Call us at (855)-745-0055 today!

Wishing Everyone A Safe, Happy, And Healthy Independence Day!!!

Let Your Kids Have Some Fun!

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