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Causes of Tooth Pain

Toothache or tooth pain is the most common presenting complaint of the majority of people. Toothache causes anxiety, frustration, and compromises your daily functions. You can’t sleep, eat, and go to the office due to tooth pain. The causes and duration of toothaches vary. It can be sudden or prolonged pain. We will discuss the most common causes of tooth pain, and it will help to rule out the cause of your toothache.

Dental caries

The most common cause is dental caries. Dental caries cause tooth decay by the action of disease-causing bacteria on your tooth surface. The bacteria reach the inner surface of the tooth (dental pulp) The sharp pain initiates, and it can be sudden, and if no treatment is taken it can cause other serious dental problems. It can persist for hours and compromise your social activities. The dental visit at Aleris Salem Dental Center provides you the best treatment for your toothache.

Tooth fracture

Sudden direct trauma to your surface or biting on the hard object can cause a fracture in your teeth. The fracture can chip the tooth, and sometimes it’s not visible to the eyes. The patient only feels the toothache, especially during eating. The pressure on the tooth surface initiates the pain. A dental x-ray is the best tool to diagnose the condition.

Tooth sensitivity

The outer surface of the tooth is called enamel. It’s a protective layer that prevents the tooth from external damaging agents like acids, cold, heat, and sweets. If your outer enamel removes due to aggressive brushing of excessive teeth grinding. A toothache is called tooth sensitivity. Our Dentist in Salem MA helps to treat your toothaches.

Dental Abscess

If a dental bacterial infection spread the tooth's internal and outer supporting tissue a dental abscess is formed. It is an inflammatory condition that causes toothache. If immediate dental treatment is not taken it can spread to the neck and other tissues. The dental abscess can also cause difficulty in mouth opening and fever. Untreated conditions can be dangerous when it spread to other oral regions.

Gum disease

Gum diseases like bleeding gums can also cause toothaches. The most common reason is the accumulation of plaque and bacteria. The pain felt in the whole mouth without involving the specific tooth. It is difficult to identify the cause of tooth pain. Your dental history and poor oral hygiene help to identify the cause of toothaches.

white woman with tooth pain, red cheek
Tooth Pain

The other causes of a toothache can without any dental cause. In which you feel the pain, but it will not due to dental problems. So, Salem Dentists will rule out the cause of your tooth pain and give immediate treatment. You can also visit our dental office in Salem MA for your toothache treatment and any dental assistance.

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