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What are the causes of morning breath?

Morning breath is unpleasant and sometimes the foul smell that comes from your mouth in the morning after waking up. Almost every person has morning breath but its intensity and duration vary from person to person. If the morning breath persists throughout the day then it will be counted as bad breath or halitosis. We will discuss some common causes of morning breath outlined by dental researchers and Aleris Dental Center in Salem MA.

Poor oral hygiene

Poor oral hygiene is the key cause of morning breath. If you don’t brush your teeth especially at night time. Bacteria in your normal oral flora will stick with the food particles and start producing acids by reaction with the carbohydrate(sugar) in your mouth. That will cause foul smell and morning breath.

Dry mouth

Morning breath is also caused by dry mouth. At night during sleep, your salivary flow rate decreases from 0.3-0.4 ml/min to 0.1 ml/min. Saliva is the main component that lowers bacterial production by its flushing action. Bacteria can't adhere to the food particles due to salivary flow. Salivary flow also decreases in certain diseases like xerostomia (dry mouth) and by taking certain medications like anti-anxiety drugs. So, Aleris Salem Dental Center suggests that you should evaluate your medical conditions to rule out the cause of your morning breath.

Nighttime snacking

Snacking at night is also the main cause of morning breath. Many people have the habit of snacking at bedtime after their tooth brushing. The food particles will stick to their teeth surfaces and as a result, they feel foul breath or morning breath after waking in the morning.

Tobacco and smoking

The other root cause of morning breath is Tobacco and smoking. Smoking not only decreases your salivary flow but also causes different oral hygiene issues like staining, gingivitis, and even it can cause oral cancer. Aleris Dental Center in Salem MA advised It's better to quit the habit of tobacco and smoking to improve your oral health and prevent morning breath.

Systemic diseases

Many systemic diseases also cause morning breath. In a diabetic patient, they can smell a fruity breath. Digestion problems like GERD are also the cause of morning breath. It’s necessary to consult your doctor if you have morning breath without any oral issue.

confused women with fear of morning breath, bad breath,  no smile
Morning Breath

Mouth breathing can cause social embracement, causes stress, and lowers a person's self-confidence. Most people who have morning breath avoid going to social settings. By considering all these potential causes of morning breath, it’s advisable to go for a dental checkup in Salem MA. Our dentists will consult you to find the root cause of your morning breath so you can enjoy your life confidently.

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