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Wisdom Teeth Removal: What to Expect Before, During, and After

Typically, wisdom teeth emerge in the late teenage to early adult years. While some people have no problem, others begin to experience pain. An allowing wisdom teeth to come in could cause serious health issues: ongoing pain, damaged roots, lead to cysts, gum disease, and even cysts or benign tumors.

Although wisdom teeth removals are usually common, the biggest fear factor comes from the unknown. By learning what you can expect before, during, and after wisdom teeth removal, you will feel far more relaxed. That combined with trusting the procedure to an experienced professional dentists will help you prepare for the process and recover quickly.

Before Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

Before your tooth extraction procedure, you will meet with the dentist (in Salem area, MA the most professional team at Aleris Salem Dental Center). At this meeting, you will discuss any questions you have about tooth extraction and wisdom teeth recovery, go over the process. So you have a better understanding of what to expect.

The surgeon will ask you about any medications you take, go over your health history. Based on the findings, the dentist will determine if you make a good candidate for wisdom teeth removal. You'll also discuss the type of anesthesia he or she will use for the tooth extraction surgery. At that point, you will schedule an appointment for your wisdom teeth removal.

During Wisdom Tooth Removal

Typically, wisdom teeth removal surgery takes about 45 minutes. The tooth extraction is not painful because you will be under the influence of anesthesia. Sometimes, patients only need local anesthesia in which they are fully awake yet feel only pressure as opposed to pain. For patients who feel overly anxious, the dentist can use sedation. With that, the patient is still awake but unaware of what is taking place.

Once the medication kicks in, your dentist will use dental surgical tools to cut your gums to remove the wisdom teeth. The dentist will stitch the wounds shut so your gums can heal quickly and these stitches dissolve on their own after a few days.

Aftercare on the Day of Your Surgery

You can expect some swelling and pain and a little blood in your mouth. But professional team will advise you on how to treat the pain. Once you feel ready, you will be able to go home. And you can't drive for a certain amount of time after general anesthesia so you will need a ride home.

For the rest of the day, you will need to take it easy and probably spend the rest of the day sleeping or resting on your bed or a couch.

Always speak to your dentist about any concerns you have ahead of time. We will be able to answer any questions you might have.

Please, feel free to call 855-745-0055 at Aleris Salem Dental Center and to schedule an appointment.

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