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Are there any dental problems associated with diabetes?

Dental and systemic health are interlinked. Many dental diseases can cause systemic problems. Likewise, some systemic conditions can lead to dental problems. The most common systemic disease that can cause many oral problems is Diabetes militias or diabetes.

Diabetes is an endocrine (hormonal) disorder that is associated with insulin deficiency or resistance of insulin cells. Patients usually take insulin or oral drugs to lower their blood glucose levels in diabetes. Diabetes can cause many dental problems that require an immediate dental check up at Aleris Salem Dental Center. The most common Dental problems due to diabetes are listed below.

scheme of what dental problems exist

Poor Periodontal Health

Diabetes can cause poor oral hygiene and periodontal disease. Gum bleeding, halitosis, tooth mobility are the most common signs associated with diabetes. The basic cause of all these problems is the lack of ability to fight infectious bacteria in diabetic patients.

Delay Healing

The other dental problem associated with diabetes is the delayed healing of wounds. Most of the patients complain about delayed healing of extraction sites and oral wounds. The underlying cause is the poor tissue blood supply in the diabetic patient at the traumatic site. This condition required a dental visit at Aleris Salem Dental Center.

Dry Mouth

Diabetes can also cause a dry mouth that badly affects the oral health of the person. Dry mouth not only increases the caries index but also makes it difficult to eat and speak. The main reason for this associated dental problem is dehydration due to excessive water loss through the body in urine in diabetic patients.

High Caries Index

Diabetic patients have more dental caries than healthy ones. The high caries index is due to dry oral condition and low production of saliva. Saliva helps to wash out caries causing bacteria, but in diabetes, these bacteria are more resistant and cause dental problems.

Oral Candidiasis

It is a fungal infection that is also called an opportunistic infection. It is associated with a lower immunity level in diabetic patients. It can make eating very difficult, and it can diagnose diabetes in its early stage.

Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS)

Most of the diabetic patients also complain about the Burning mouth. It is the most common dental problem associated with diabetes. Dental specialties can guide you about the treatment and possible solution to your dental problem. So, if you have this dental problem give an immediate visit to our Salem Dentist.

There are many dental problems associated with diabetes, and sometimes it’s the oral signs and symptoms that will firstly identify the undiagnosed medical condition. So, if you have diabetes or any of these mentioned dental problems you should immediately visit Aleris Dental Center in Salem, MA for a dental checkup. Please call our dental office in Salem at 855-745-0055 or schedule your dental appoitment online.


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