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What Happens if You Don’t Get a Root Canal When Needed?

You might heard already about the root canal. Usually people may be feeling a bit nervous when they hear: "you need a root canal treatment". But there should be no worries, root canal and its treatment are routine part of dentistry that can relieve certain kinds of tooth pain and help your teeth last much longer. Learn more about this helpful procedure. You can learn how it will leave you in far better shape than you were when you came in to the dental office in Salem, MA! Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about why is root canal is could be necessary.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a dental treatment needed when the pulp, or the soft tissue inside of the tooth containing blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue deep inside of the root of the tooth, becomes infected. An infection generally occurs due to a chip or crack in the tooth or an untreated cavity. Root canal treatment consists of removal of the infected pulp within the tooth and then sealing of the tooth to prevent against future infections. The treated tooth should last a very long time, provided that a good oral hygiene routine is maintained.

Who needs a root canal treatment?

The first phase to root canal problems is a dental cavity. The tooth decay could be easily treated with a dental filling. But, if you do not check with your dentist at least twice per year or you delayed treatment, the decay may spread from your enamel to the interior section of the tooth. If the soft pulp inside your tooth gets infected, you will need a root canal to clean it all out. Even though you may not be happy with the notion of getting a root canal, this very effective therapy can save the tooth. Without proper treatment, the infection could turn into a tooth abscess or spread to your jawbone, gums, and bloodstream, which may need a tooth extraction and other remedies. In the end, a root canal is far easier and less expensive than having to have the tooth extracted or a full-body infection.

Is a root canal really necessary?

Like other infections, an infected pulp of the tooth will not heal on its own, it will only get worse, so a root canal is the recommended treatment. Sometimes, the pain might disappear and patients may think the infection has healed itself, however, this is just a sign that the nerves inside of the tooth have died. While there may no longer be pain present, the infection will still be inside the tooth. The only option apart from a root canal is extraction of the tooth. If you do not undergo treatment or get the tooth removed, then the consequences can be severe. If left untreated, the bacterial infection can spread to the jaw, brain, blood and rest of the body.

Is there an alternative treatment?

Yes, there is another way - the tooth extraction. But it is always better to try to save the tooth. Saving the tooth can prevent other troubles from occurring later on; these could include bite problems from teeth shifting position, difficulty eating, and loss of jawbone volume and density.

Don not fear the root canal treatment

Though you may not be happy to get a root canal, it can save your oral health to receive one. In case you have any symptoms of an infected tooth, schedule an oral health evaluation and consultation with a dentist in Salem, MA. If you have dental fears or anxiety, Aleris Salem Dental Center use state-of-the-art equipment and modern techniques when performing root canals to take out the infection, preserve your tooth, and keep your smile beautiful and healthy.

How can I avoid the need for root canal treatment in the future?

Keep your teeth decay-free by brushing and flossing every day. Eat a healthy diet low in sugar and avoid acidic beverages such as soda. Come in to the dental office in Salem, MA regularly for professional cleanings and exams. And if you're active in sports, consider ordering a custom-made mouthguard to protect your teeth from injury.

Do not hesitate, call us today at 855-745-00-55 and schedule your root canal consultation!

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