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Instructions After Tooth Extraction

Good oral hygiene can prevent tooth loss and oral diseases. Often tooth extraction is inevitable or necessary to prevent further complications. Tooth extraction or dental extraction referred to the surgical approach for the removal of the tooth. Tooth removal can be done through open surgical extraction or closed. The surgical approach varies with the location, anatomical landmarks, and patient dental conditions. The Wisdom Tooth Extraction is usually more complex and takes more healing time. The care of the extraction site is necessary for all cases.

The healing period of a normal extracted tooth is 2-3 weeks. Improper handling can lead to delay in healing and tooth removal complications. Our dentists in Salem, MA provide you Instructions after Tooth Extraction that helps to avoid post-extraction complications and adverse effects.

Here are some recommendations for Tooth Extraction Aftercare:

  • Keep the cotton gauze on the extraction site for at least 30-min with biting pressure. Avoid the change of gauze after tooth removal.

  • After 30 min if the bleeding stops, take cold water or ice cream. But avoid taking any warm drink like coffee or tea.

  • You can now take your prescribed medication or painkiller.

  • Avoid too much spitting or rinsing on the day of the extraction. Excessive spitting can dislodge the formed clot and bleeding can start after primary healing.

  • Avoid any stannous activities or aggressive exercise for 1-2 days after tooth removal.

  • Use a soft diet and avoid biting on the extraction site. Don’t take hot tea, meal, and coffee on the extraction day. You can take cold coffee or warm tea.

  • Avoid spicy food and biting of hard objects on the extraction day.

  • You can brush and floss after tooth removal but avoid brushing on the extraction site.

  • After 24 hours of extraction, rinse with warm saline water. You can also add the salt in warm water for rinsing.

Bleeding from the extraction site or red saliva is common on the day of tooth removal. Don’t worry too much if you have a bleeding socket after within 24-48 hours after the extraction. Try to stop bleeding by pressure packing. Mostly bleeding stops within 30 min. But if still, you have socket bleed, call our dental office in Salem, MA or visit the clinic.

dentist explains what to do after tooth extraction

Instructions after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth mostly required additional care after extraction. They removed by the open surgical approach so takes a slightly longer time for healing.

  • Edema and swelling are common after Wisdom Tooth Extraction. Place an ice bag on the swelling and put your head elevated while sleeping by placing an additional pillow below the head.

  • You can also take prescribed anti-inflammatory medications.

Healing after Wisdom Tooth Extraction takes about 1 month or more. If you have any sign of inflammation, intense pain after extraction, please call our dental clinic in Salem, MA at 855-745-0055 or contact us online. Dentist in Salem provides all services of tooth removal. You can book your appointment for a dental consultation!


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